Product Item Code: FCY23020.xx


Handtool to terminate flat ribbon cable connectors.
Contact type

Wide range of flat cable connectors from different suppliers

Wire size

Flat ribbon cable pitch 1mm, 1.27mm or 0,635mm


The FCY23020 handtool is designed to crimp a wide range of flat cable connectors on a flat ribbon cable.

  • The tool consists out of generic tool base and one fixture for the connector you are using.
  • You can terminate other flat cable connectors by changing the fixture on the tool.
  • The tool can be mounted on the side of a table with a screw clamp.
  • Different jigs are available for ribbon cables with a different pitch (1,27mm, 1mm or 0,635mm).

How it works:

  • The fixture shifts to the side, this gives the operator a clear view to position the connector and flat cable in the fixture.
  • The operator must shift the fixture back in the tool.
  • The tool crimps the connector by pressing the lever.

It is also possible to make daisy chain cables with the tool.

If you are interested in this tool, please contact us for the right part number.

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