Crimp To Wire

There are almost no electric or electronic  designs that don’t use crimp-to wire at some stage. Wire harnesses, aircraft wiring, car wiring, interconnections in trains and busses, cables in consumer products, complex wiring in telecommunication equipment, virtually all industries rely on the proven concept of crimp to wire. Over the years, Föhrenbach Application Tooling build-up an impressive knowledge base on crimp to wire. In our fully equipped design and test laboratory,  we are able to design the perfect tools for standard as well as application-specific crimping tools. Check-out our cross-reference table to find the mini applicator, hand plier, crimping or stripper-crimping press that will perfectly suit your needs. Our repair tools can also be found there.

Besides solutions for classic crimping, our portfolio also contains tools for ferule crimping. A single or double ferule (inside and outside of the cable) is crimped onto the cable. Our 360° crimping concept provides excellent strain relief and guarantees an unrivaled level of EMC shielding.

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