Flexible Circuits

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Flexible Circuits

From elevators to airplane cockpits, from medical instruments to mobile phones, there is virtually no limit to the applications that can benefit from the use of flexible circuits.

Föhrenbach Application Tooling designs and produces solutions for Flex Foil Circuits, where flexible flat bare copper conductors are laminated between two insulating foils, and Flex Printed Circuits, where the conductors are applied to an insulating foil using a screen printing or photochemical process. Both FFC’s and FPC’s can be further complemented with EMC shielding foils.

We support both Crimping and Clinching technologies, adapted to a wide range of manufacturers. Crimp contacts from for example Amphenol, TE, Nicomatic, Click Dome systems, Molex, Delphi. Lear, Memcon and many others are applied with optimum and in-house developed applicators. Contacts Pre-assembled into a connector housing, like the Amphenol ICC clincher connectors, can be applied using our manual or pneumatic Clinch machines.

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