IDC Flatcable

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IDC Flatcable

IDC connectors are the ideal solution for flat- or ribbon cables. The concept at the base of IDC is  cut-and-connect, and it avoids the need for cable-stripping.  In particular for flat cables, stripping would be time consuming and unpractical. Following a modular concept, Föhrenbach Application Tooling’s manual and fully automated IDC termination solutions are capable of processing almost any type of IDC connector. A smart interface allows you to fit interchangeable adapters to match your production needs. 

Our manual presses are fitted as standard with a fine adjustment control for the press stroke and connector adapters can be equipped with a fixed cable stop. Our manual flat cable press can be complemented with an integrated quality control system.

Föhrenbach full automatic IDC termination machines have set new standards when it comes to single or double ended production of ribbon cables. Both IDC connectors on reel and IDC connectors in their original packaging can be processed. Our custom designed machines can be fitted with performance boosting options like electrical connection control, high-voltage testing, camera control, automatic packaging, and many others.

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