Product Item Code: RCY21343


For MDR6 series (Gran-Tek Technology).
Contact type

183-1811, MDR6 series (Gran-Tek Technology)

Wire size

AWG 24-28


Hand tool to crimp MDR6 Series (P/N 183-1811) crimp terminals from Gran-Tek Technology. The tool is designed for loose piece contacts.

  • Unique “snap on” locator design for full visibility of connector and wire insertion
  • Parallel action for precision and consistent crimp results
  • Full cycle crimp mechanism to ensure consistent, reliable crimp
  • Ratchet release mechanism to clear mis-crimps and obstructions
  • Precision eccentric adjustment for consistent performance and ability to calibrate
  • Small size makes it easy to use in confined areas
  • Hole in handle allows attachment of safety strap
  • Each tool has a unique serial number for traceability

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