Product Item Code: PAY284A2

Unipress 500 E

Manual positioning of the pcb Option: automatic correction in XY Very flexible machine. Ideal for volume production of small quantity series.
Contact type

All types of press-fit connectors


Semi-automatic press for inserting press-fit connectors in backplanes and daughterboards.
The insertion spindel is driven by a electrical servo motor, which guarantees a very accurate position and can press up to 50 kN.

A force/distance control system controls the insertion cycle, checks for errors and guarantees the the connector is against the board after the insertion.

Way of working:

  • Equip the machine with the right insert tooling and anvil manual.
  • Put the pcb on the XY-table manual.
  • Put the connector on the pcb.
  • Position the XY table to the right position manual.
  • When the operator presses the 2 hand control buttons, the machine inserts the connector.
  • After the insertion, the next connector must be placed on the board and the cycle repeats.


  • The board is displayed graphical on the touch screen, to show the connector types and sequence of the board.
  • Photos and pictures of boards, connectors and tooling can be inserted to help the operator.
  • A force/distance graph will be saved after each insertion.
  • The press can insert connectors in different modes to guarantee a good insertion.
  • A large active insertion area, is provided by means of a big distance between the centre of the insertion-head and the inner-side of the C-frame of 320mm.
  • Anvil and uppertool can rotate manual in steps of 90°.
  • The machine is easy to program with a flexible graphical edit and a connector library.

2 basic Impress 500E machines are available:

  • PAY268A2: machine with fixed anvil.
  • PAY284A2: machine with rising post (anvil stroke 25mm).


  • Last millimeter tracking system (LMT): helps the operator to position the XY table. For more info: LMT system.
  • A barcode scanner and traceability software system.
  • Insert tools and anvils for all types of press fit connectors. More info: Insert block and anvils.
  • Dedicated backing boards for pcbs

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