Product Item Code: BPY13801


IDC Handtool for SYSTEM 12 (FCI) cable connector.
Contact type

System 12 (Amphenol – FCI) BPS1BxxDxxZ6, 1AB0004900xx

Wire size

AWG 24-30 (insulated and ground wires)


The Föhrenbach tool is designed to install individual wires into the corresponding cable connector.

  • The connector must be placed in a nest, the nest and connector fit in the tool.
  • The operator should present the wire in a slot manual.
  • When he pushes the lever, the wire is cut and inserted in the IDC contact.
  • The connector shifts automatically to the next position when releasing the lever
  • This hand insertion tool can install as well ground solid wires as insulated solid wires: AWG30 insulated up to AWG24, ground or insulated.
  • Check our cross-reference table for the right order number.

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