Product Item Code: PPH23099


Automatic single pin insertion machine.


The PPH23099 feeds and cuts the pins from a reel and inserts them into a printed circuit boards (PCB) one by one.

The machine is equipped with on insertion head for one pin type.
By exchanging the feed and cut unit in the machine, more pin types can be applied.
The pcb must be placed in the machine by the opperator. After pressing the start button the board will be position in X and Y direction under the insert head and all pins will be inserted into the board.

The machine is featuring:

  • An active insertion area of 350 mm x 350 mm.
  • A rotary table, to insert contacts under different angles.
  • An easy to exchange insertion head. So quite all imaginable single pins can be inserted with the same machine.
  • A servo controlled insertion axis that provides minimum 500 Newton of insertion force. Herewith the insertion depth of the contacts is easily adjustable.
  • An insertion speed of minimum one contact pro second.
  • An optical board error correction system in order to compensate the eventual position errors of the holes in the boards.
  • Force / stroke insertion registration.

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