Product Item Code: PAH23057

Unipress 2000 R

Pick and place press-fit press with rotating head.
Contact type

All types of press-fit connectors


Full automatic pick and place press fit machine, to be installed in-line with other SMEMA compatible conveyor systems. For connectors in tubes or in trays. Designed to do high volume production of small boards.

How to work:

  • The board are loaded automatic with the SMEMA conveyor system.
  • The operator must load the connector tubes or trays in the machine.
  • The connectors are unloaded automatically and picked up by the head of the press. The rotation head can pick up 6 connectors in cycle.
  • All connectors are visually checked before they are inserted.
  • The position of the hole on the board is measured by a camera.
  • The connectors are inserted one by one.
  • When the board is complete, a vision system checks if all pins are inserted.
  • The board is unloaded automatically.


  • Maximum press force of 15 kN.
  • Insert 6 connectors in 16 seconds, loading and unloading of the board included.
  • Maximum press stroke: 60 mm
  • After each insertion cycle, the machine checks if the maximum insertion force lies within the programmed window of success.
  • A reject signal is given to the next conveyor when the board is rejected.
  • In order to cope with board thickness and finished hole diameter tolerances, UNIPRESS 2000R is equipped with an state-of-the-art closed loop insertion system.

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