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Reversed Flex-foil Terminator

Counts the tracks on the foil or can be programmed. The foil is fix and the crimp head moves. Flexible machine for high volume production of different foil types.
Contact type

Ampmodu .100 (TE Connectivity), Ampmodu System 50 (TE Connectivity), Crimpflex 1.27 and 2.54 (Nicomatic), Duflex contacts (Amphenol – FCI), MQS (TE connectivity), MTS (Delphi), Nano MQS (TE connectivity)

Wire size

Flexible circuits (FPC and FFC)


The reversed flex foil terminator crimps a programmed number or an automatically detected number of contacts one by one on a flex foil. The applicator moves after each crimp to the next position, the foil doesn’t move. This gives an excellent crimp quality and it can also accept foils with very short tails.

A crimp quality system is optional available. This monitors the force/distance curve of every crimp and gives you an inline quality check.

  • It consists out of a generic machine with an applicator. A different contact can be crimped by simply changing the applicator.
  • A wide range of applicators exist for lots of different contact types and suppliers.
    The flex-foil must be placed in the cable clamp
  • After pressing a foot pedal, the machine starts and locks the flex-foil with the clamp.
  • The applicator positions to the first track and crimps a contact on the foil.
  • The machine has an optical tracking system to search the position of the tracks. This excludes misalignment errors from the operator.
  • The number of tracks is free programmable on the machine or the optical tracking system can scan the foil and count the number of tracks automatically.
  • Up to 4 contacts/second.
  • Very easy to change the crimp height for foils with different thickness.
  • Suitable for flex-foils with up to 38 tracks.
  • Very short flex foil tails are possible
  • An integrated cutting unit is cutting the contact carrier strip in short scrap parts.

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