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Unipress 1000 C

Automatic XY positioning of the pcb with connectors under the press axis.
Contact type

All types of press-fit connectors


Full-automatic Electrical press for inserting press-fit connectors in backplanes and daughterboards.
The insertion spindel is driven by a electrical servo motor, which guarantees a very accurate position and can press up to 50 kN.

A force/distance control system controls the insertion cycle, checks for errors and guarantees the the connector is against the board after the insertion.

How to work:

  • The operator must place all connectors on the board by hand.
  • The board with connectors is placed in the machine and the door is closed.
  • After pressing start, the machine positions the board in the X and Y directions and inserts the connector.
  • The machine positions and inserts all connectors and waits then until the operator has removed the board from the machine and inserts a newly prepared board.


  • Single head press which allows a maximum insertion force of 50 kN. The insertion spindle is driven by means of an electrical motor.
  • The machine can insert in different strokes to insert a connector.
  • Maximum press stroke: 60 mm.
  • After each insertion cycle, the machine checks if the maximum insertion force lies within the programmed window of success.
  • A graphical editor which allows a flexible updating of the pattern programs is provided.
  • In order to cope with board thickness and finished hole diameter tolerances, UNIPRESS 1000C is equipped with an state-of-the-art closed loop insertion system.
  • In order to secure the quality, the controller measures the insertion force during each insertion cycle. In case the insertion force is out of the programmed range, the system gives a “Force error”.


  • Anvils and insertion blades for several press-fit connectors. More info: Insert block and anvils.
  • Bar code reader, for traceability.
  • Statistic process control
  • Motor driven rotating heads.

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