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Unipress 500 M

Manual positioning of the pcb on an XY table or flat bed. For prototype series repair and back-up solution.
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All types of press-fit connectors


Manual press for inserting press-fit connectors into printed circuit boards with an XY table. The advantage of the XY table is that you can use standard anvils to support your pcb. A tool interface is optional, with this option you can use the same tooling as on an Unipress 500 E.


  • Complete manual press with a maximum press force of 32 kN.
  • Press stroke of 20mm.
  • Throat depth of 270mm.
  • XY table.


  • Force/distance quality control system (Unipress 500M++)
  • Table to put the complete press on
  • Quick change system for insert tooling.
  • Insert tooling and anvils for all types of press fit tooling. More info: Insert block and anvils.

Way of working:

  • The operator must put the board on the XY table.
  • The connector must be placed on the board manual.
  • Check the tooling and rotation, an anvil is required.
  • The board with the connector must be positioned to the insert position manual.
  • The connector is inserted by pulling the lever of the toggle press.

The same press is also available without the XY table: Unipress 500M flat.

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