What is a mini-applicator ?
A flexible semi-automatic solution to crimp contacts on a wires. The applicator is dedicated to one specific contact type and fits under a standardized crimp press. For a second contact type another applicator is needed. Changing between applicators is very easy and can be done in no time..

What is a standarized press ?
It is a semi-automatic press, each time a foot pedal is activated, the press does one stroke of 40 mm. It accepts applicators with a height of 135,19 mm and the mechanical interface is standarized.

How it works :
– Present a stripped wire in the applicator.
– Activate the foot pedal.
– The press crimps the contact and feeds a new one.
– Remove the wire with the contact.
– The machine is ready for the next cycle.

Crimp press options :
– Integrated wire stripper.
– Corrective cut after the wire is stripped.
– Force / distance quality control system.
– Cut the contact after a bad crimp.

All Mini-applicators

  • Basic and generic tooling
  • Crimp Press

    Crimp press for standard mini-applicators.

  • Semi-automatic machines
  • Mini-Applicators

    A flexible semi-automatic solution for contacts from strip.

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