Servo (electro) presses

The advantage of servo presses
Different connector types have different heights. A servo press can be programmed, depending the connector height. With a pneumatic press, the height has to be adjusted or compensated mechanically which could be complex.
When you have a mix of connector types with different heights, a servo press is a must.

Force insertion modes
Connectors can be inserted in different controlled ‘modes’. The servo presses have a closed loop force and distance measurement system. The state-of-the-art ‘Delta force mode’ can even detect when the connector’ housing is against the pcb. This guarantees a perfect insertion.

Integrated quality systems and SPC
For customers, who demand 100% quality, (ex. military and automotive), we developed automated optical inspection (AOI) systems. These are implemented in the machine and check the true positioning of the press-fit pins before the insertion, the position of the holes of the pcb and a final inspection can check if all pins are inserted. All gathered data can be saved and can be used for SPC. (Not all AOI systems are available on all machine types.)

All Servo (electro) presses

  • Full-automatic machines
  • Unipress 2000 XL

    Pick and place press for inserting press-fit connectors.

  • Unipress 2000 R

    Pick and place press-fit press with rotating head.

  • Unipress 1000 C

    Automatic XY positioning of the pcb with connectors under the press axis.

  • Semi-automatic machines
  • Unipress 500 E

    Manual positioning of the pcb Option: automatic correction in XY Very flexible machine. Ideal for volume production of small quantity series.

  • Unipress 1000 XXL

    Automatic XY positioning of the pcb with connectors under the press axis.

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