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Contact type

Depends on the installed kit

Wire size

Depends on the connector and connector kit


The cable terminator is a semi-automatic machine designed to install individual wires into the corresponding cable connector.

  • It can accept 1, 2, 3 and 4 row connectors.
  • This is generic, basic machine, in most models is the connector kit sold separately.
  • The connector kit determines which connector can be terminated on the machine.
  • The connector must be placed in a quick change nest manually, the nest and connector fit in the machine.
  • The operator should present the wires in the wire guides and activate the start buttons.
  • When then buttons are activated, the wires are cut and inserted into the IDC contacts by the high speed insertion heads.
  • The cable terminator can insert 2 wires simultaneously, left and right from the connector.
  • It is also possible to insert only on one side, for example for a C row of a connector.
  • The connector shifts automatically to the next position.
  • The opening in the wire guides can change automatically depending of the wire size. So it is very easy to change between wire types.
  • The complete process is graphically displayed on a 10.4″ touch screen.
  • 2 color fields show the programmed wire color for each contact slot to help the operator.
  • All programming is done on the touch screen.
  • Up to 500 programs are possible.
  • Back ups are possible with an USB stick.
  • The machine is always build on a generic base. Changing over to another connector is possible by changing the kit and upgrading the software.
  • A complete diagnostic screen is available for testing motors, inputs and outputs.
  • Check our cross-reference list for the right connector kit.
  • Check our cross-reference table for the right order number.

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