Product Item Code: PPY23077


Semi-automatic single pin insertion machine.
Contact type

Different types of pins (from different suppliers) who are mounted on a bandoleer.


The PPY23077 is a semi-automatic single pin insertion machine.

The pcb is placed on a manual XYZ table. The operator must position the table by hand above a hole. After pressing the 2 hand control buttons, a pin is separated from the bandoleer, the pin is inserted in the board and a new pin is fed for the next insertion.


  • Different toolkits are available, the same machine can be used for different pin types. The tool kit on the machine determines which pin type it accepts.
  • A sensor is checking the position of the board before the insertion.
  • Boards with a maximum size of 300x600mm are accepted.
  • Two hand control system for maximum security.
  • A LED spot to illuminated the working area.

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