Product Item Code: FFY23037


Air operated clincher press (20kN) for foils up to 32 positions. For high volume production.
Contact type

Clincher male and female (Amphenol – FCI) – Ex.: 66226, 65801

Wire size

Flexible circuits (FPC and FFC)


A pneumatic driven press to crimp FCI Clincher™ connectors onto a flex-foil.

  • The desk top press machine is based on a 20 kN press.
  • The machine is very good accessible to place the connector and for the introduction of the flex-foil tail.
  • The machine is equipped with a quick clinch tool interface. No keys or tools are required.
  • A finger save light curtain is protecting the operator.
  • The machine is equipped with a guiding table. The table is equipped with two adjustable cable guiders.

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