Cable terminators

What is a cable terminator ?
A cable terminator is used for medium to high volume production of cables with IDC connectors. the machine is semi-automatic, the operator presents 2 wires (sometimes 1) and activates the start buttons. The machine will cut the wires, inserts them in the IDC slot from the connector and will shift the connector to the next IDC slot. Then the operator can present the next 2 wires.

Different version available
3 versions are available: BPY65, BPY67 and BPY69. The BPY65 is the only version with 1 insert head, the other ones have 2 heads. The BPY67 is the high-end version; it is faster than the BPY69 and the gap of the wire guides can be programmed.

All Cable terminators

  • Semi-automatic machines
  • BPY6901

    Semi-Automatic IDC Terminator Machine for high volume production.

  • BPY65106

    Cable terminator for IDC contacts (Amphenol 957M-100-2101).

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