IDC Discrete wire

What is IDC ?
Insulation Displacement Connection is a technique to connect an insulated wire with a contact from a connector. The insulated wire is pressed in the contact with a tool; the contact pierces through the insulation and cuts into the conductor and makes electrical contact. In the same action a strain relief is closed to mechanically lock the wire.

Which IDC tool should I use ?
We have manual hand tools and semi-automatic cable terminator machines depending of the production output need. Check out our cross-reference to find the right version of machine/handtool which corresponds with your connector.

All IDC Discrete wire

  • Manual tools
  • BPY13801

    IDC Handtool for SYSTEM 12 (FCI) cable connector.

  • Semi-automatic machines
  • BPY6901

    Semi-Automatic IDC Terminator Machine for high volume production.

  • BPY65106

    Cable terminator for IDC contacts (Amphenol 957M-100-2101).

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