Tooling for FFC and FPC contacts

One by one
Crimping contacts, one by one, guarantees excellent quality on all positions of the foil. After each crimp, the foil (or the crimp head) positions on the next track, ready for the next crimp.

One machine, different contact types
Change to another contact type, simply by changing the applicator of the machine. The generic base machine accepts flex-applicators from different contact types from different brands. The applicator cuts the contact from the strip, crimps it on the foil and feeds a new one.

Automatic track detection*
The positioning of our semi-automatic machines is done with a stepper motor. An optic sensor to detects the first track of the foil and corrects automatically the stitch position of the first contact, you will get an superb positioning of the contacts on the tracks.

All Tooling for FFC and FPC contacts

  • Manual tools
  • Manual Flex-foil Tool

    Pull the lever to crimp one contact, the foil shifts to the next track. Foil positioning is mechanic. Ideal for small volume production and prototypes.

  • Semi-automatic machines
  • Reversed Flex-foil Terminator

    Counts the tracks on the foil or can be programmed. The foil is fix and the crimp head moves. Flexible machine for high volume production of different foil types.

  • Flex-foil Terminator

    Stiches a programmed number of contacts on the foil. The foil moves and the head is fix. For high volume production.

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