Semi-automatic machines

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All Semi-automatic machines

  • Semi-automatic machines
  • Unipress 500 E

    Manual positioning of the pcb Option: automatic correction in XY Very flexible machine. Ideal for volume production of small quantity series.

  • Unipress 1000 XXL

    Automatic XY positioning of the pcb with connectors under the press axis.

  • Uniclinch

    Air operated clincher press (20kN) for foils up to 32 positions. For high volume production.

  • Semi-automatic Flexible Circuit Crimping Machine with XY Positioning Capability

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  • Reversed Flex-foil Terminator

    Counts the tracks on the foil or can be programmed. The foil is fix and the crimp head moves. Flexible machine for high volume production of different foil types.

  • PPY23077

    Semi-automatic single pin insertion machine.

  • Mini-Applicators

    A flexible semi-automatic solution for contacts from strip.

  • Flex-foil Terminator

    Stiches a programmed number of contacts on the foil. The foil moves and the head is fix. For high volume production.

  • BPY6901

    Semi-Automatic IDC Terminator Machine for high volume production.

  • BPY65106

    Cable terminator for IDC contacts (Amphenol 957M-100-2101).

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